Your Best Concerts of 2008 – Twitter Style

(Video after the jump) It’s time to close the books on 2008. It’s been a good year – there was plenty to see, some great new releases and some good tours. We asked some readers about their favorite concerts of 2008 and we got back a variety of responses. Posted here are some of your answers. Thanks to everyone who responded and, if you didn’t, we’ll be polling the audience more in 2009 so don’t miss out on the next one! If you think we missed out on some great shows, leave a comment below. And if you have any questions, or if you would like to submit future concert or album reviews, please send us an email. Have a great time this New Year’s Eve – if you head to a show to celebrate, send us a review!

What was your favorite concert of 2008? Who, where and why?

bstanley, of Chicago, Illinois says, “Cold War Kids at The Vic because they are wildly entertaining, the music was electric & I had some great company +free tix!”

amykchulik, of Chicago, Illinois says, “I would say Bloc Party’s Lolla after-show at House of Blues – they were into it, audience was into it – huge energy.”

justinpward, of San Franscisco, California says, “Favorite concert of 2008 was easily The Whigs, Yo La Tengo and My Morning Jacket at SXSW. Second row. Epic.”

smussyolay, of Chicago, Illinois says, “James @ Vic. Tim Booth is completely captivating as a lead singer. Might’ve been best show I’ve seen in last five yrs.”

tiffany83, of Houston, Texas says, “New Kids on the Block. Haha. It was the only one I attended in 2008. Brought back fond memories of my childhood. ;)”

FoxBrownFox, of Chicago , Illinois says, “Without question the best concert I saw this year was Badu – New Amerykah. she rocks so damn hard it hurts.”

TheLocalTourist, of Chicago, Illinois says, “Taste of chaos at the Aragon. Some of my fave bands! Venue bad acoustics, but historic.”
Note: Taste of Chaos featured Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Bless The Fall, Idiot Pilot, and others.

phogtom, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada says, “You Say Party, We Say Die! at Phog Lounge in Windsor, Ontario. Nutty, dancing awesomeness in an intimate venue!”

Kelly, of Denver , Colorado says, “Snoop Dogg in a small bar up in Aspen. Self explanatory!”

Meg!!! <333, says, “Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour. The effects, her voice, everything blended perfectly.

kelody says, “If I had to pick just one it would be The Academy Is…‘ Bill and Trav’s Bogus Journey Tour at the House of Blues, Anaheim, California. William Beckett’s voice is captivating and you can’t ignore their stage presence. At the end I felt so exhilarated that I only played their songs for weeks.”

Sound Citizen’s TheMikePhillips, of Chicago, Illinois says, “Tough question, so I’m going to cheat. The Raconteurs at Lolla – one of the best shows I’ve seen 2008 or otherwise. Some serious talent there. And The Kooks at the Vic – great talent, high energy and just a good time.”
Note: Video below is “Sway,” from the Kooks show.


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  1. The Academy Is… headlining Bill and Trav’s Bogus Journey Tour. William Beckett was really into the songs throughout the show, and everyone was really into it. They know how to put on a show.

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