Willie Nelson Concert Photos and Notes

When a living legend comes to town it’s an easy decision to buy a ticket. That was the case on Friday, when Willie Nelson came to Chicago’s Chicago Theatre. Below are a few excellent photographs of Willie from the show. But first, a few observations.

Willie can bring it. I was pleasantly surprised that Willie still has chops on the guitar. I’m no Willie Nelson expert but I had no idea he could play like that. We’re not talking strumming along to easy tunes but picking, sliding … the whole nine yards. Sometimes he was bordering being a blues man. Really nice.

Willie spans all ages. There were true hippies, neo-hippies, hipsters, young, old … even a Cosby sweater sighting. Good to see that someone like Willie Nelson still gets all kinds of people excited.

At the end of the show, Willie walked the entire length of the stage, signing autographs on his trademark headbands, album covers, even a couple of cowboy boots. The fact that he still has that energy — at 77 years-old — amazes me.

Enjoy the photographs, courtesy of Sound Citizen Tony Stec. See more of his concert photos.

Willie Nelson playing in Chicago

Willie Nelson in Chicago

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Chicago Theatre marquis

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