White Stripes Reunion in the Works

jackandmegThe stars seem to be aligning for a White Stripes reunion. Amid Jack White’s many projects (including The Dead Weather and It Might Get Loud), there may be room for more. Let’s have a look at the clues to the White Stripes mystery.

  • There was the brief (and slightly disastrous) reunion for friend Conan O’Brien’s last Late Night show.  It was framed as a favor for O’Brien, but it was a new start for the duo.
  • In May, Jack White leaked some details about a forthcoming White Stripes concert film, The White Stripes Under Great White Norhtern Lights. It chronicles their Icky Thump tour throughout Canada. This is the tour where Meg started suffering from fatigue, causing the White Stripes to halt everything. Nothing like a concert film to get the buzz going before a new tour.
  • Most important of all, also in May, Jack White told MusicRadar that Meg was getting over her anxiety issues. He also said that they started working on a new album before the Conan show and said that, “It won’t be too far off. Maybe next year.” Addressing fans’ fears that the White Stripes had broken up, he said, “Nothing of the sort.”
  • Finally, on May 22nd, Meg White married Jackson Smith, in a ceremony in Jack White’s backyard in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a double wedding, with Raconteurs and The Dead Weather bass player marrying Jo McCaughey.

Happy times are here again.