Vote for Sound Citizen as a Chicago Reader “Best”

First, let me thank you all for being supporters of Sound Citizen. I love this website, and I love Chicago and music. But without people such as yourselves, all of it would be meaningless.

You’re waiting for a “catch” aren’t you? Well here it is: Chicago Reader is running their “Best of Chicago 2010” contest and I would be downright indebted if you would help earn Sound Citizen the title of Best Local Music Blog. There’s no cash reward or anything like that but it would go a long way toward getting more exposure for Sound Citizen and helping fulfill our commitment to promoting the local music scene. In short, the more people know about Sound Citizen, the more we can promote this city’s amazing music scene and all the bands and individuals behind it.

Here’s what to do:

You can go to this Chicago Reader contest page, then type in in the space under “Best local music blog,” about halfway down the page.

Alternatively, you can vote via text message. Text ‘CR42’ to 30364. You will get a message reply asking for your vote for best local music blog. Just type and hit send. That’s it.

Remember, this is Chicago — vote early and often. There’s no limit to the number of submissions.

Thank you for your votes and continued support.


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