Ticket Giveaway Time!

It’s that time … ticket giveaway time!

This Wednesday, November 10, Dawes plays Lincoln Hall and we’re here to set you up. This is a great band, perfect for a setting like Lincoln Hall. Ever since we first discovered Dawes and played them on Sound Citizen Radio, we’ve been big fans and waited for them to hit our fair city. If you are not yet familiar, listen to Dawes right here. Then, enter to win.

Here’s how it works. If you’re not yet a Sound Citizen fan on Facebook, become one. If you’re already a fan, you’re already entered (but we would appreciate it if you recruited some friends). If you’re not a Facebook user, sign up for our email list at the top right of this page. One winner will be randomly chosen from our email list and Facebook fan base. The winner will receive two free tickets to Dawes on Wednesday, November 10!

Please, if you cannot attend, respond ASAP if you are chosen so I can draw another name.

The winner will be chosen Wednesday morning, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for the announcement.

Good luck and spread the word!