The Bishop Bring It. Their Way.

Chicago band The Bishop is ready to unleash their debut LP, Five Minutes of Panic and Thrills, into the wild and onto the discerning Chicago music scene.

You can expect an honest rock album. But while you will hear a few traditional styles, The Bishop remains true to what they want to create, and it shows. Songwriter/singer/lead guitarist Billy Giricz crafts simple but compelling stories and he gets his point across, but not without his own style and sometimes a subtle sense of humor – even in the song titles themselves. You might expect “Mice and Elephants” to be on the bubbly side. And you might think “Timebomb” would be threatening, and aggressive. The truth is, they are both quite the opposite. And while “Promises Made” (hear it below) is a fairly straightforward tale of a hidden path to manhood, you can’t help feeling that Giricz takes it all with several grains of salt.

Of course, it never hurts to be surrounded by precision talent.

Paulette Bertrand provides depth and dimension, while Dan Passareli, drummer Luke Smith, and Darin Gregg keep the momentum charging. Five Minutes of Panic and Thrills comes together to provide a well-balanced and fun, and authentic rock album. It’s a hit — and you can expect The Bishop to start appearing regularly on the marquees of Chicago’s best music venues and some of their favorites such as Beat Kitchen, The Abbey, Martyrs, and the Double Door. But we suspect it won’t stop there, and this Chicago band will breeze across borders.

Below, have a listen to “Promises Made.” And visit The Bishop’s website for more!