The Best Music Website You’re Not Using

While iTunes is the clear leader in the music download space (at least legally) it has one major flaw. It’s those pesky 30-second previews. That’s 30 measly seconds to decide if a song is worth a dollar or more. Good songs are so much more than 30 seconds – not  to mention entire albums.

Well, has your back. They have more than 7 million songs in their catalog and you can stream any of them once in their entirety, for free. The same goes for albums. Yep, listen to an entire album for free before spending a dime. And that’s not all:

  • Buy any song for 10 cents and stream it forever through your computer. If you want to download it for portability, it’s 79 cents more and DRM-free.
  • Get picks from artists and music reviewers delivered daily, share songs with friends, listen to their playlists, and network with other music fans.
  • If you want to make the switch to Lala full-time, they can import all of your music from your hard drive and get your library up and running.

No website offers a way to listen to and buy music like Lala. Where iTunes holds you hostage, Lala sets you free.

2 Replies to “The Best Music Website You’re Not Using”

  1. Thanks, looks like a site that “gets” it. Don’t restrict consumers, make it easy and convenient for them to really check stuff out and have at least some trust in humanity that there’s people willing to pay for the music.

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