Sound Citizen Radio 9: Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome back to another edition of Sound Citizen Radio. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day — so let me be the first to wish all Moms and Moms-to-be out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

We have a great lineup this week — Mom-approved. (Podcast is at the bottom of this post)

This weekend a crew of Sound Citizens are headed to Memphis in May. So drop a line if you’re headed that way and we’ll celebrate some live music. As always, please send any band recommendations, questions, comments and accolades to

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This week’s lineup:

Freelance Whales, “Generator (Second Floor)”
May 10, Lincoln Hall

Clem Snide, “Denise”
May 13, Lincoln Hall

Audrio, “Roll On”
April 30, Double Door

2 Replies to “Sound Citizen Radio 9: Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. All mothers hope that they have touched their children’s lives in
    some indelible way… some indelible good way, I should say. (We
    all fear that we have somehow impacted our children’s lives in a way
    from which they will have to recover in an expensive therapist’s
    office!) To hear, out there in cyberland that your love of music
    was, in part, because you listened to my playing music in the car
    while we ran errands, while I drove you back and forth to soccer or
    baseball or school…. was one of those moments that will stick
    with me forever. Of course, I wept… with joy… and smiled… and
    played Cat Stevens music in my head and heart all day long. Thank
    you for the sweet tribute. And rock on!!! Love.. Mom

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