Rage Against the Machine Reuinite!

Rage Against the Machine reunited, playing for the first time in 10 years in front of their home-town crowd in Los Angeles this week. The show was a benefit to support those opposed to the controversial Arizona immigration law. The results were explosive, as is the norm for a Rage show.

Rage has been a favorite ever since I first heard them in college. Then, when I saw them live, they entered into that “top 10” list of all-time best live shows where they have remained to this day. No live act (the Beastie Boys come very, very close) delivers and creates the energy of a Rage concert.

You might not be a fan of their music or their outspoken political views, but watch these videos below to get a sense of the frenzy they can create. It’s truly a spectacle and one I hope to witness again in the future. Our thanks to those who shot the vids.




One Reply to “Rage Against the Machine Reuinite!”

  1. They played Lolla in 2008 so I am not sure its been 10yrs…

    But yeah, what a powerful live show… in my top 10… I was actually scared for my life a little at that show.

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