Play Guitar Hero on Your PC, at Work!

(Video included) I’ve come across a lot of time-killing websites in my time, but JamLegend has to be one of the best. If you like Guitar Hero, it’s a must. Or, if you’ve never played Guitar Hero, here is your chance to try it out from the comfort of your computer, for free.

It works like this – songs play and, using your keyboard, you play along. The number keys are used as the guitar frets (or buttons on a Guitar Hero guitar) and the “Enter” key is to strum. You can play just by pushing the numbers, or the strumming version – which is much more fun. There are three levels, and like the video game, higher levels require using more buttons. You play against Roxanne, a computer, and at the end of the song the one with the most points wins. But if you create an account, you can play against friends.

The songs aren’t exactly the best, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s just plain fun. Hopefully in the future they will start adding more songs. By the way, I highly recommend playing guitar style with your keyboard, using the function keys as your fret board. You’ll see what I mean.

Below is a brief video showing how it works. It’s a screencast – but on the website the action is much smoother.