Pearl Jam to Host Their Own Music Fest

Pearl Jam has been tagging along on music festival tours for parts of three decades. I guess they figured it was time to get their own. Announced by Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis, Pearl Jam will host their own music festival “somewhere in the middle of the U.S.” But don’t expect it too soon — Eddie Vedder is set to embark on a solo tour in March, 2011.

As for possible locations, Chicago is in the middle of the U.S. and the boyhood home of one Eddie Vedder (Evanston, more accurately). But with Lollapalooza in the mix, it seems unlikely. Denver is sort of in the middle of the U.S., and a small festival at Red Rocks would be interesting. But, Denver also has Mile High Music Festival. New Orleans is centrally located, albeit the southern portion of the States. Pearl Jam does, however, have a history with the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Texas already has Austin City Limits and South by Southwest. Milwaukee has Summerfest. Memphis has Memphis in May, the CMA Music Festival and Bonnaroo. That leaves Minneapolis, maybe? St. Louis? Detroit?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can venture a guess by leaving a comment. And follow Pearl Jam on Twitter, or us, Sound Citizen.

5 Replies to “Pearl Jam to Host Their Own Music Fest”

  1. Yawn… Let’s dilute the already thin summer music festival circuit. Do we really need another music festival? Not in Chicago IMO. I don’t want them taking any of the bands that might not play pitchfork or lolla to do this one.

    Is Pearl Jam really selling out to the summer music festival man?

  2. i dont know who wrote the one about is pearl jam really selling out to the summer music festival man? but you are a complete idiot…i am a diehard pearljam fan who has seen them 8 times as our many of my friends and we all can not wait? sale out? how is rewarding their loyal fans that have been with them for 20 years by headlining both days of a two day music festival. as a pj fan there could be no better news to these ears. and as for the moron that says this will dilute the already thin summer music festival line up…all there have been in the past 5 years are good summer music festivals…bonaroo is amazing every year…lolapolooza hasnt disapointed…and south by southwest is always amazing to discover new bands…when i got rollingstone last month and saw this announcment my only thought was thank god…seeing pearljam play for 3 hours two days in a row is like a dream come true…thanks for the 20 years of great music and the best live shows in music boys

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