New Black Keys DVD Rips

(video after the jump) Black Keys Live at the Crystal Ballroom is a solid hour of some of the best The Black Keys have ever offered.

It captures their stage presence perfectly and showcases one of the best blues/rock revival bands around. Lead singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach’s gritty voice and effortless riffs combine in perfect unison with drummer Patrick Carney’s impeccable timing and rabid pace.

This is a must-buy for any serious rock or blues fan – and in my opinion for any serious music fan. This band will prove to be an important evolution in the world of music and every opportunity should be taken to see them whenever, wherever possible. And if you need further confirmation of the impact of The Black Keys, check out this Rolling Stone article.

Unfortunately, it might be that The Black Keys’ days are numbered. Auerbach is releasing a solo album and touring without Carney, who has been focused on his Audio Eagle label. While that may be the case, this DVD is timeless.

The video below is from the same show, but not from the DVD – it has much better sound and video quality.