Lollapalooza Review: Mumford & Sons

Recently, we advised you get to know Mumford & Sons. Hopefully, you did. And hopefully, you then decided to go see them at Lollapalooza. We did. As expected, they had an incredible live set. (Video below)

What was unexpected was the following behind Mumford & Sons. Turning the corner to the Playstation stage I was fairly shocked to see the Mumford crowd extend into the lawn for the Budweiser stage. And while I’d like to think that Sound Citizen had something to do with this, I’m not delusional – Mumford & Sons are just that good. The crowd was ready, both in spirit and in their collective, intimate knowledge of the band’s repertoire.

It’s impossible not to get in the groove when these guys are in full jam – the guitar, drums, keyboard, stand-up bass and blistering banjo all come together seamlessly. Marcus Mumford’s vocals are gritty, bringing life to passionate lyrics penned to music that is written from the heart and explosive in performance.

This was an absolute highlight of Lollapalooza 2010. Below are videos for Little Lion Man, and The Cave. Enjoy, and get out and see them on tour, including Oct. 31 in Chicago.



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