Lollapalooza 2010 Show-Stealers

There are some great bands I’m excited to see at Lollapalooza 2010 – like Soundgarden, Green Day, The Strokes, The Black Keys and Spoon. But you know the bands in small type on the Lollapalooza lineup list? Yeah, those are often the best ones when it’s all said and done. Unfortunately, many times they are missed because you just don’t know who they are. Well, as always, we’re here to help.

Below you’ll find our list of five bands that you absolutely should not skip. In order of our predictions on who will be crowned Lollapalooza 2010’s Show Stealer:

The Soft Pack

This is one of our favorite new bands, and featured on Sound Citizen Radio 7. They play like they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so look for a sharp, energetic set. This band is going places and they will be eager to slam their collective foot on the gas pedal.


Another newfound favorite at Sound Citizen (and featured on Sound Citizen Radio 3), Dawes is a perfect fit for a summer day. These guys can rock out with the best of them, but I really dig their flowing melodies mixed with simple, clean hooks. “When My Time Comes” and “Love is All I Am” are two of the best songs I’ve heard this year.


The Morning Benders

Much of The Morning Benders (great band name, by the way) reminds me of the music from the simple times of the 50’s when music was considered rebellious but was understated. But, their arrangements are far from simplistic. Expect a big crowd reaction and sing-alongs with this one. The song “Excuses” is downright dreamy.

Freelance Whales

Sweeping songs are the specialty of Freelance Whales. They sound like a perfect fit for any number of indie movie soundtracks and kind of remind me of Postal Service. I think one of the most impressive things about this band is their ability to take several different instruments and styles and weave them together into one cohesive jam. Nothing sounds out of place.

Minus the Bear

You know the show BJ and the Bear? That’s how this band got their name… Anyway, this band is another that defies categorization. They can be metal, trip-hop and just about everything in between. They have serious chops and are not afraid to push boundaries. They have a new album coming May 4, so expect a heavy set of new stuff.


What do you think? Have any other show stealers you think we missed? Leave a comment and let your fellow Sound Citizens know!

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