Late Night Roundup: Heartless Bastards, Dan Auerbach, White Stripes

Pretty good week for late night TV music last week. Dave Letterman had the Heartless Bastards, Conan O’Brien had Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys, performing a track from his solo album) and it was announced that Friday (2/20/09), Conan O’Brien will have a reunited White Stripes for his last show.

The Heartless Bastards are new to me. They were brought to my attention by opening for The Black Keys in New York not too long ago. So far, I like what I’m hearing. They are signed to the same label as The Black Keys, thanks to Patrick Carney forwarding a demo to the label. Musically they have some similarities, although lead singer and guitar player Erika Wennerstrom’s gritty voice sets them apart. They have a nice garage-type sound with some outstanding and simple rhythms. Sort of makes me think of a cross between PJ Harvey and The Pretenders.


Auerbach performed “My Last Mistake” from his new solo record, Keep it Hid. It’s interesting to see Auerbach with a full band – and it sounds much different than The Black Keys. There’s a lighter sound here, it even has a hint of pop in there. But, you can still here the blues influence, and Auerbach’s voice still dominates, of course. To see the performance, click here, then click the second dot from the right on the video progress bar. And don’t miss the White Stripes on Conan’s last show this Friday.