It Might Get Loud – Let’s Hope So

itmightgetloudDavis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) has made a film that will captivate anyone who has ever played a guitar. More likely, it will engross everyone who has ever appreciated music. Three of the most innovative guitarists spanning more than 40 years of rock history and three distinct generations – Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White – share their passion for the electric guitar and indomitable appetite for music in, It Might Get Loud.

The film explores music through the eyes of the three virtuosos and follows them to Jimmy Page’s London home, The Edge’s Dublin studio, and a farmhouse in Tennessee where Jack White writes an impromptu song on camera.  Eventually, all three take on an empty sound stage for a once-in-a-lifetime jam session, to swap stories and teach each other new songs.

Also on the website is some Q&A with the producer and director, including these gems:

What do you hope audiences will experience while watching the film?

Honestly, I made this film for people like me, people who love music and the experience of a live show. When you love a band or a musician you want to know how and why they do what they do — what makes them tick. Davis was able to show this, to get inside these guys’ worlds and inside their heads in a way I don’t think any other music documentary has. I hope fans are as excited and fulfilled by seeing and hearing what he uncovered as I am.

Are there particular moments from the film that are your favorites?

There are so many.
We were filming Jack in Austin, Texas, and he’s playing this out–of–control guitar solo. Through the lens, I start realizing that he’s so focused and playing so aggressively that his hand is bleeding without him even knowing it.

That’s passion.

Below is the trailer for the film, first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008, opening August 14, 2009, in New York and Los Angeles.