Have a Listen: Fallon Cush

Australian Steve Smith had a relationship that failed spectacularly, So, like every musician and songwriter, did exactly what he knows—wrote some songs about it. It wasn’t meant to be an album or spawn a new band. But that’s what happened, and Fallon Cush was born. Now, after being mastered at Abbey Road, the impromptu recordings have been released as a self-titled album debut.

Fallon Cush presents an interesting array of sounds. You might hear some Bob Dylan. You might hear some Beatles. On “Sleeping Giant” you might hear both. There are hints of Wilco in there, too. Smith’s vocals at times betray the painful experience that wrought the album. In fact, some songs sound downright cheery, at first. “Disintegrate” will have you toe tapping before revealing a pervasive sense of melancholy. Listen enough to just about every song and you’ll hear the strife.

It’s a good debut and, judging by not only the songs themselves but also their execution, Fallon Cush’s next album might just be about finding redemption after heartache.

Read more about Fallon Cush on their website. You can get the album here. Below is the first song on the album, “Tiny Town.”

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