Guitar Hero with Real Instruments

(Via, video after the jump) This has been a long time coming. One of the most popular games in the past couple of years is moving from the gaming world to real life. At least, some iteration of it. Disney Star Guitarist takes the Guitar Hero model, then attaches a real guitar so you can not only play a game, but learn how to play guitar at the same time. Of course, this being a Disney product causes a few issues. For starters, the game will come with a cute blue 3/4 guitar with colored strings … but you can use your own guitar. As you’ll see in the video below, “High School Musical” is featured. So, you might not be shredding death metal anytime soon.

That said, if not Disney, there will be an explosion of this technology coming very soon. Drums, bass, fiddle, piano, keytar, triangle … everything. This could very well be the way people learn how to play instruments in the future. It’s also going to end up being a spectacular revenue stream for musicians. Who wouldn’t want to visually learn their favorite song for something like $20, in their own home, rather than pay someone for a private lesson?