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Have a new EP or album you’d like reviewed?

A review from Sound Citizen will open new audiences for your music and help you get noticed by industry insiders.

Here’s how it works: Send us a link to your music where we can stream the entire album or send a physical copy, at Along with that, send a payment of $25 through PayPal (below).

We’ll give your music a thorough listen and, if we like what we hear and think our audience will too, we’ll publish our review within a few days. If we feel it’s not a good fit we will promptly issue a FULL REFUND. We will not publish anything that we don’t fully endorse. It’s a no-risk way to get support from Sound Citizen and full exposure through all of our resources — both online and off.

Why do we charge? It takes time and money to keep this site running, attend concerts and attract audiences. With this fee we are able to keep discovering new bands and tell the world about them. In short, you are helping keep the dream alive for your fellow musicians. At the same time, your band is getting a trusted review and promotion, along with a valuable link to your website or online profile.

Contact us at with any questions. If you need a physical address to send a copy of your latest CD, we’ll provide one for you.

Cheers, and keep rockin’.

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