From the Vault: Vandaveer in Chicago

Vandaveer and Sound CitizenSometimes we see a great show then get caught up doing other things. And, unfortunately, the show slips into the archives unpublished. This is one of those times. We went to Schuba’s back in November, 2009, to see Vandaveer – the folk duo of Mark Charles Heidinger and Rose Guerin. It was one of those shows that hit at just the right time – we were headed into winter and needed a warm sound to get prepared. Vandaveer was wrapping up a long road tour, on their way back to their homes in Washington DC. (Live video below)

We spent some time hanging out with Mark and Rose and they just couldn’t be nicer people. Rose was wearing a black veil over her neon-pink hair, recently purchased for her by her brother while on tour. Also, her frilled shoes which she said, “I can’t stop rocking them.”

Mark was all smiles and excited to meet a fellow Pearl Jam fan.

On stage, their every bit as freindly and simply excited to be doing what they do. For example, during an equipment malfunction, instead of complaining or apologizing, they explored the use of the word “awesome.”

“Where’d you get that hat?” asked Mark.

“Denver,” said Rose. “Denver is awesome. But not Chicago awesome.”

“Everything for you and me right now is pretty awesome,” said Mark. “That was a magnetic fuel song. They sure are great … but I wouldn’t call them awesome.”

Vandaveer is surely not widely known, but that might change real soon. They play The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia on Feb. 26, ahead of four-day stint at South by Southwest, in Austin, Texas, March 17-20. It’s really a perfect place for them to showcase their sound – what XM Cafe called “This generation’s Nick Drake” and Rolling Stone categorized as “Jarring new folk.”

Below is a video from the show at Schuba’s in November, “A Mighty Leviathan of Old.”

And read our interview with Mark Heidinger before the show, and hear more Vandaveer on their MySpace page.