Fans and Colleagues Remember Michael Jackson

mjartIn the fifth grade, I wore a one glove to school for a solid week. In the summer. And I lived in New Orleans. I wanted one of those zipper-laden jackets so bad, but they were expensive. So I rolled up the sleeves on my Members Only jacket, so everyone could see my glove instead. Michael Jackson became a part of me, just like he did with millions of others around the globe.

Thriller became the best-selling album of all time, and produced seven number one hits. The Thriller video turned music videos into an art form and upped the ante for every video production to follow. The moonwalk solidified his status as a world-class performer and turned Michael Jackson into a pop-culture god.

Michael Jackson authored “We are the World,” a humanitarian sensation that set the bar for every music benefit that has ever followed. He expressed his compassion, understanding and frustration of the human condition with “Black or White,” and “Man in the Mirror,” among other titles.

Michael Jackson’s impact was felt deep in the music industry too. He introduced introduced legions of new fans to Motown. He even headed the Recording Industry Association of America at one time.

No matter what anyone thinks about Michael Jackson the man, his impact as an entertainer, a musician and a music icon cannot be denied. His fame spanned the globe and his music reached more people than ever before, or ever after.

The closest I ever came to Michael Jackson was his exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (he came in at #4 on our list). But like many others, I still felt like he was a part of my childhood and my makeup as a music fan.

Twitter exploded with the news of Michael Jackson’s death on Thursday, June 25, 2009. It’s where many fans expressed their thoughts and memories of The King of Pop. Below are some eulogies from fans and colleagues. Leave a comment below to share your own thoughts.

LudaJuice: (rapper Ludacris) If it were not for Micheal Jackson I would not be where or who I am today. His Music and Legacy will live on Forever. Prayers to the fam R.I.P.

SnoopDogg: Rip Mj gotta show you some love…blazzn live on ustream
Snoop streamed video of himself paying tribute to Michael Jackson, in his own way.

MCHammer: I will be mourning my friend , brother, mentor and inspiration. He gave me and my family hope. I would never have been me without him.

JesseJstreet: Still in shock over MJ, despite all of his troubles, I have been and always will be a big fan of his music. Lots of childhood memories.

ChrisBlake: 1st heard Billie Jean in 5th grade. I had a big portable headphone radio that I shared with a classmate so she could hear too.

SolangeKnowles: I honestly don’t think I can handle this right now. Why does it feel like family? My heart is really hurting.

QtipTheAbstract: (Q-Tip) no one better than brotha mike ..

BritneySpears: He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed. -Britney

SoSoulfull: crying and listening to ‘Gone Too Soon’ by Michael Jackson

Amanda8Murphy: In shock! 2 legends gone. Farrah struggled always to be herself. Michael Jackson struggled always to be someone else. Oh wow…

LilyRoseAllen: (Lily Allen) No fucking way

pandora_radio We’re not getting much work done over here. Standing around talking about Michael Jackson and feeling shocked.

RadioMilwaukee: I have to say, I’m truly amazed by all the love for Michael Jackson on twitter. That shows the impact of the man and his music.