Eric Strom, “The Daily Song Guy”

I feel like I’m a little late on the uptake here, but if you don’t know Eric Strom, check out his website. This 23-year-old cat has been writing a completely original song every day for the past 120 days (as of this writing.) Any way you slice it, that’s impressive.

dailysongEither strumming his guitar solo, or playing with an unnamed accompanying band, the catalog includes tracks like “The Hummer Song,” where Strom sings about buying a Hummer every day of the week and, appropriately, hums a chorus.

There’s also “Daily Song Blues,” a song about the struggles and pressures of writing a song every day, with lyrics “I got a deadline, can’t refuse,” and “I want to quit daily song and buy a canoe.”

My personal favorite so far is “A Girl to Carve a Pumpkin For.” It opens with “Have you ever had a girl to carve a pumpkin for, and put a candle in it and leave it at her door?”

But don’t be fooled by some of the whimsical lyrics – listen closely and there’s a message thrown in every now and then. Strom is showing some real talent, both musically and with some very clever writing. You can support his efforts through purchasing any song for $1, making a donation, or simply by checking out his site and letting him know what you think. You can also follow Strom on Twitter and Facebook.

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