Debut EP Review: Ketchum Kerhart

Diana Larianov and Kaitlyn Kerhart came together when the former was cleaning the office fridge, so the story goes. The latter decided to help. During said cleaning, a bond was formed — and so was Ketchum Kerhart.

It’s these chance meetings that usually lead to something enigmatic and enduring. Kaitlyn’s background in classical piano and blues guitar ran alongside a lifelong passion for The Beatles and Muddy Waters. Diana’s lifelong vocal training coincided with a love for country music … and house. But they stand very close together when it comes to obsessions with guitar, distortion, and Jack White.

Sound interesting?

Ketchum Kerhart’s EP, Good Luck Sleeping, shows clear talent on a very strong debut with some of the catchiest new hooks we’ve come across in some time. But don’t get that confused with some kind of sugar-coated pop bullshit. Something tells me you don’t want to toy around with these two. Ever heard that saying, “Hell hath no fury…?”

Take, for instance, this little snippet from the song “Ton of Bricks.”

I hope you can’t sleep at night
Cause you’re so full of regrets
I hope when you think of me
You’ll realize why I left
Hope it hits you like a ton of bricks
That you’re a piece of shit…

It’s not all unabashed fury, though. You’ll even find some thoughtful, pained titles, like “Letters from a Stranger.” But I’ll play it safe and mind my manners.

So here you go, below is “Hard to Forget.” Appropriate, because it won’t be the last time you hear it, or anything else from Ketchum Kerhart. Diana’s fridge-cleaning days are over.

Head to their website then click through to hear more.