Band of Horses, House of Blues, Chicago

(Video included) It might have been wet all day last Friday at Lollapalooza, but it didn’t rain on my Band of Horses aftershow parade. After drying out my shoes, changing my socks and having a drink on a friend’s couch, we headed to House of Blues – along with our ticket giveaway winner, Ms. Eva Swan.

First up was Cass McCombs. I knew nothing of him, but heard good things. So we settled on a spot near the bar on the left side of the stage, I grabbed a terrible piece of luke-warm pizza from the beer tub girl, and a can of beer. Immediately, I didn’t know what to make of McCombs. And I still don’t. It was a little hard to concentrate too – the crowd was awfully chatty and loud. So that was disappointing. From what I heard though, I liked it and McCombs deserves much more exploration. He’s unique.

Band of Horses finally took the stage somewhere around midnight. Again, the crowd was chatty. Must be something about Lollapalooza because the last time I saw them at the Metro, people were captivated. It was a great set anyway and they unveiled a new song from their upcoming album. That song leads off the video below. I don’t think I could be disappointed by BOH in any way. But I will say this – the crowd matters. The set at Lollapalooza was better. The crowd was into it and so was the band. (Read about Band of Horses at Lollapalooza)

Enjoy the video from House of Blues, and I also included a video from their Lolla set (courtesy of palmofyoureye), where Ben Bridwell spent the last couple songs in with the audience. Watch it.

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