Bands: We’re Podcasting, Featuring YOU!

rockkidWant your band heard by the Sound Citizen community?

So do we.

We’re getting ready to launch Sound Citizen Radio – a weekly podcast featuring kick-ass bands. It’s pretty simple. Each week we will introduce a couple bands. We’ll play your music, tell listeners where to buy it and where they can go see you perform live. Each episode will be featured on and iTunes, available to download.

Here’s what to do: Email with mp3’s of your music or a link where I can download an album or songs. And tell us a little about yourselves and the band. That’s it! I’ll take care of the rest. And I won’t give away your music, just broadcast it to our listeners.

We encourage all our readers to go see live music. And we will do the same with our listeners. Help us support the local music scene in your town, get some new fans and spread the rock!