A New Sound We Like: Warren Buckler

Warren BucklerOne of the most difficult parts of writing about music is that much of it starts to sound the same after a while. Try listening to Q101 for an hour straight and you’ll get my point – posers proliferate. It’s one of the reasons we like Minus the Bear around here and also why I’m telling you about Warren Buckler. It’s refreshing.

Chicagoan Warren Buckler falls under that umbrella of “experimental musician.” He’s spent the last several years writing and composing songs and just recently polished them up for the masses. Now, ususally when I hear “experimental” it means “lack of direction.” Not the case here. Listening to Buckler’s Like that of the Coral, it’s clear that this guy knows what he’s doing.

There’s a mix of classical guitar and upbeat tempos; you’ll hear some violin and the vocals are understated but not insignificant. It all comes together effortlessly – although I know it took a tremendous amount of effort to compose. And that’s always the sign of a strong musician.

Here’s a few other reasons I like Buckler:

  • He’s self-taught on the guitar.
  • He wrote, recorded and produced Like that of the Coral on his own.
  • He uses some technology to round out the sounds on his recordings – he does not let the technology use him.
  • He’s been known to cover Portishead.

You can stream and purchase Like that of the Coral here (my favorite so far is Arlington Place — have a listen).

You can catch him live March 26 at Uncommon Ground and March 27th at Urban Butterfly (it’s BYOB).

Learn more at WarrenBucklerMusic.com.