Check out Nashville’s Buffalo Clover

Buffalo CloverIf you heard that Buffalo Clover hailed from Nashville, you’d probably expect some country twang when you hit that play button. And you’d be right. Sort of.

What’s most intriguing about Buffalo Clover is its intricate blend of varied sounds and genres that permeate the entirety of their latest release, Low Down Time, often throughout the same track. You’ll hear some blues and jazz–I hear a little Amy Winehouse from time to time–and you’ll hear that familiar twang, too. Some tracks would play nicely at a 1950’s high school prom while “Oklahoma” could fill out several scenes in Dazed and Confused.

Margo Price and her husband and co-writer, Jeremy Ivey, formed the band after meeting in Nashville in 2008. But there’s more than Nashville in Buffalo Clover, even though you never loose of their roots. Confusing? They’re not easy to nail down. What is easy, is to listen to them. It makes us feel quite pleasant.

Below, have a listen to Seek Me Out then go here and listen to Oklahoma. Then all the other nonsense you just read will make more sense.

You can read more about Buffalo Clover on their website.

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