Introducing Paper Thick Walls

If I were to tell you that a new band, based in Chicago, has just released a debut record … is that something that you would be interested in? What if I told you that it was produced by the same people who have worked on albums for Wilco and Neko Case?
That’s Paper Thick Walls, who will roll out A Thousand Novels this Friday at The Hideout, during their record release party.

If Paper Thick Walls’ show is anything like their record, you can expect plenty of toe-tapping, head-bobbing goodness. Appropriately titled, A Thousand Novels plays out like a warm and familiar story. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Wes Anderson found a place for some tracks on an upcoming film, don’t let me convince you this is a straight-up folksy/hippie/indie thing. Paper Thick Walls projects a seasoned, well-rounded sound led by soothing but strong vocals from Eric Michaels and Kate Schell, and tight melodies form Andrew Sabo (drums), Jacques Rene (fiddle, mandolin, guitar) and Roger Sherman (upright bass). OK, maybe there’s a little hippie folk in there… But the title track has a run that might even elicit a head-bang or two, ala some of Band of Horses’ finer moments.

Anyway, as good music fans I know you don’t trust half of what you read anyway (nor should you). So have a listen then get your tickets to The Hideout – one of Chicago’s very best small venues.