Sound Citizen Radio 5: A Chicago Trifecta

Welcome to another edition of Sound Citizen Radio. This week we feature songs from three Chicago bands and they are all playing Chicago concerts this week and next. It’s a diverse group too — we have some rock, a little blues and soul and even a country tune that will get your toes tapping. As always, we feature “screw the scalper” — where we tell you when tickets go on sale for those Chicago concerts likely to sell out so you don’t get gouged to see your favorite artists.

We hope you enjoy this week’s installment and please send your suggestions, comments and opinions to For all you bands and artists out there, if you would like to be featured on Sound Citizen radio, please send an email with a link to your music.

We’re trying to help spread good music through Chicago, and could use your help. If you like anything you hear, please take a moment to share this podcast with your friends — you can use the Facebook or ShareThis buttons below, or simply copy the URL and share it that way. Thank you!

This week’s lineup:

The Blacks (pictured), “I’m in Love”
Schubas, Saturday, March 6.
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J.C. Brooks & The Uptwon Sound, “I’m Trying to Break Your Heart”
The Tonic Room, Wednesday, March 10.
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The Lost Cartographers, “Goodbye Ohio”
Uncommon Ground, Saturday, March 13.
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