12 Songs of Christmas, Just for You

It’s Christmas time! That means family, friends, gifts, good cheer, spiked egg nog … and rock and roll, of course. Seriously, what would Christmas be without music?

Lousy, in my opinion.

So, to help you rock out this Christmas, we’ve put together The 12 Songs of Christmas, Sound Citizen style. You’ll find a little bit of everything – rock, punk, rap, even a crooner in Roy Orbison, just because he’s the man. A couple of artists surprised me with some holiday cheer (and instant favorites), like The White Stripes and The Kinks. There’s also one song not about Christmas, but definitely in the global holiday spirit. And it’s a kick ass song.

Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe, rock out in the spirit of peace and love, and let’s gear up for a new decade of incredible music.

Oh – it all starts with The Black Keys on New Year’s Eve. We’ll be there.


Album Review: Chicago’s Moses Cleveland

mosesclevelandChicago-based quartet Moses Cleveland just released their debut album The Corner of Uncool and Care Avenue, and are preparing for a few Midwest tour dates. They kindly sent us a CD, so we had a listen.

Here’s what I love about Midwest rock: It’s honest. The Corner of Uncool and Care Avenue starts out as an upfront rock album with the track “The Story of Mack.” But soon you hear a different side that shows a band developing an identity. Two songs, in my opinion, make this band unique: “Two-step Timmy’s Traveling Blues (Less is More)” and “Terrorize,” which will be featured in an upcoming game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. The songs are rock, with distinct undertones of punk for good measure, and they finish as strong as they start.

The title track gives me a bit of an Alice in Chains feel, but is every bit of an original work. And that’s the thing – you get the feeling that Moses Cleveland knows what they like, and they know how to play it. I don’t get the feeling that they are trying to fit in anywhere. I like that.

There’s something else about Moses Cleveland – they have real talent. As you all know, we love live music and by listening to the CD, I can tell they put on a great live show. And you’re in luck, because they have some dates coming up. First, see them in Chicago on January 8 at Elbo Room. The next stop is The Phantasy Niteclub Symposium in Cleveland, Ohio, on January 16.

By the way, they earn bonus points for a listing of some of their influences, including: Dylan, The Black Keys, Wilco, Pearl Jam, The Black Crowes and Jimi Hendrix.

Moses Cleveland is Adam Rowings, Tom Owen, Chris Adamescu and Paul Bork. Head over to Lala, where you can give The Corner of Uncool and Care Avenue a spin. Want to know the origin of the band name? It’s a good story, you can find it here. The debut album is also available to purchase on iTunes.

Want to get your band reviewed?

Join Sound Citizen for a Holiday Bash!

uglysweaterHey Sound Citizens … you’re invited to a party! Come join us and two dozen other excellent Chicago media websites at Black Rock Saloon (not to be confused with BlakRoc) tomorrow night – Thursday, Dec. 10. It starts at 7 p.m. and entry is free. Drinks are not, but there will be some delicious specials. Oh and wear an ugly holiday sweater just for kicks. And, in the spirit of the season, bring some cash to donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to make sure the less fortunate have a special holiday as well!

Of course, there will be some excellent music to be heard.

Big thanks to WindyCitizen.com for organizing the event, and check out the other sponsors who will be there below, and visit WindyCitizen.com for details and to RSVP.

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