12 Songs of Christmas, Just for You

It’s Christmas time! That means family, friends, gifts, good cheer, spiked egg nog … and rock and roll, of course. Seriously, what would Christmas be without music?

Lousy, in my opinion.

So, to help you rock out this Christmas, we’ve put together The 12 Songs of Christmas, Sound Citizen style. You’ll find a little bit of everything – rock, punk, rap, even a crooner in Roy Orbison, just because he’s the man. A couple of artists surprised me with some holiday cheer (and instant favorites), like The White Stripes and The Kinks. There’s also one song not about Christmas, but definitely in the global holiday spirit. And it’s a kick ass song.

Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe, rock out in the spirit of peace and love, and let’s gear up for a new decade of incredible music.

Oh – it all starts with The Black Keys on New Year’s Eve. We’ll be there.


3 Replies to “12 Songs of Christmas, Just for You”

  1. If I were to start a fantasy band, Roy Orbison would be my first choice for lead singer… Love that man!

    I’ll be at the Black Keys show on Jan 1… probably meet at Fat Cat before the show…

  2. Hirsch – highly recommend Orbison’s black and white night DVD if yo don’t already own it. Epic. I’ll be at black keys on 12/31.

  3. Love the site baby!!!!! I am completely sold! When I saw you had a Christmas song list…..my first words were……”it has to have Adam Sandler’s Channukah song”……and baby you GOT IT!!! We laughed our asses off and toasted you. This Hooter, Cooter girl loves you and your site!

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